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Please check back often for updates. I will continually add to it with more teams and items from my collection. I will try and add more Buffalo pro teams that I may have overlooked. I am going to try and keep this for pro teams only and not so much college as space is an issue. Please tell any Buffalo fan you know about this site, its for anybody that calls themself a Buffalonian!

My goal for doing this web site was to bring back some good memories of days gone by. Things will never be the same in sports, it was a much simpler time back then and sometimes its fun to look back on that. I know this is not a real museum but I am hoping that one day it can be. If Buffalo can have a bicycle museum or a weather museum or a carousel museum, why not a sports museum? If somebody out there has the funds to make that happen, let me know....I'm in! Let's Go Buffalo!



Buffalo has had many wonderful role model athletes. Here are 3 of our finest, Reggie McKenzie, Rick Martin and Jim McMillian. We were proud to have guys like these representing our city.

General Manager and Coach Punch Imlach shares a laugh with Roger Crozier, Donnnie Marshall, Phil Goyette and Reg Fleming at the Sabres first training camp at Peterborough in 1970.



In 1974 Sabres defenseman Jim Schoenfeld felt the need to issue this album. I remember when my sister brought it home I stared at all the great pictures inside the gatefold cover but couldn't understand why they whited out the Sabres logo on all the jerseys. Now I know why, the Sabres wanted nothing to do with this mess...good decision. Only Schony could butcher three great Beatles songs. An interesting sidenote, the producer, arranger and co-musician on the album is none other than Jon Valby (Dr. Dirty). Seeing it only sold a few thousand copies these are getting very hard to find.

    If you LOVE Buffalo you have to check out this site:

(Photos courtesy of John Howell of

The Aud

"Last One To Leave Please Turn Out The Lights!"

The Aud's 1970's seating diagram

(Donated to the Museum by John N. Taylor)

Last night of hockey at The Aud. April 14, 1996. Interesting note on this picture, the "Home" sign was used on this side of the scoreboard instead of "Sabres" which should have been used. Possible inside burglary job?

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