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Collage of Rare Sabres Memorabilia - The Inaugural sword, first year training camp guide, press guide, first year Perreault game stick signed by the French Connection, unused tickets in the famed oranges, a puck used in the first Sabres home game, 1973 playoff pennant, Roger Crozier game mask and the "A Spin of the Wheel" Ross Brewitt book.

Roger Crozier Game Used Jersey c. 1974-75

(Photo courtesy of the Buffalo News and Paul Kovacs)

Rare postmarked envelope commemorating the Sabres first home  game in franchise history, October 15, 1970.

The Inaugural night puck (from the estate of Seymour H. Knox III)

First Sabres Captain Floyd Smith takes the draw with Habs Captain Jean Beliveau as Clarence Campbell and Rick Azar look on.

I bet Rico, Bert and Rene still have their Sabrejaks...I do, do you?

Though he played a mere 2 seasons in the blue and gold, Tim Horton's influence is felt still today - He was the rock upon which the Sabres defense was built. No other Sabre would ever wear the #2 again after he tragically died on February 21, 1974 on the way home from the Sabres game in Toronto. Tim played that night with a broken jaw and was named the games third star. I will never forget, as a 5th grader at Lindbergh Elementary in Kenmore, the morning I heard he was killed .  (Photo courtesy of Robert Shaver).

Did you know? Tim Horton's real first name was Miles.

Possibly the greatest Sabres picture ever taken. Eddie "The Entertainer" Shack hops a ride on the Seals Gerry Ehman in 1971. (Photo courtesy of Robert Shaver).

I am always buying old Buffalo Sports items to add to the collection whether its programs, ticket stubs, pennants, game used jerseys, posters, team photos, newspaper articles, scrapbooks or nick nacks sold at the Aud, War Memorial or Offermann Stadiums. I also collect autographs of former Buffalo Sports stars and even game or highlight video whether on VHS or DVD. I can come to where you are for inspections and quotes.

I never thought I would say this about a building but I loved this place -
The Aud c. 1940.

Did you know? The Aud originally seated somewhere around 10,500  for hockey. When the Sabres were awarded an NHL team the NHL mandated that the Aud had to add approximately 6,000 seats by the start of their second season. In order to do this the roof had to be raised and a balcony of orange colored plastic seats were installed bringing the total to the familiar 16,433. It would change slightly every so often but the 16,433 is the number most people remember as a sellout.

The famous Aud scoreboard was in place for every Braves and Sabres game played at the old arena. Wouldn't it have been cool if the City of Buffalo would have saved the scoreboard and placed it on display in the HSBC? It was still in working condition as of this past year before demolition. That's what Boston did with the old Garden scoreboard. Some cities do things right (and then there's Buffalo).

Shortly before the Grim Reaper arrived.

Shorty Lalonde drove the zamboni at The Aud for both the AHL Bisons and later for the Sabres.

Milt Ellis was "The Voice of The Aud" for Sabres games. Starting in 1966 for the Bisons and continuing through 1997. His voice is probably one of the most recognized in Buffalo sports history.

I can still remember camping outside the Aud box office door for standing room tickets hours prior to game time. The janitor would often let us inside to get out of the cold. Then after you got the tickets you would run up the tunnels to claim your spot at the top of the building.

Who can forget searching for that perfect souvenir at this stand to prove to your friends you actually went to the game? My Dad always seemed to come through with a few bucks for me. This web site is dedicated to him, thank you Paul Boutet for being the perfect sports Dad!

Catch those groovy pant suits of 1972!

The "Aud Club" was a place we rarely saw as kids. It was for all the VIP's of the day, doctors, lawyers, visiting dignitaries but in the Aud's later years I frequented it more often. Our SJCI Junior Prom was held there. I loved all the bar stuff with the AC logo on it, cups, swizzle sticks, placemats, napkins etc. It was in actuality hideous inside there, I think they kept the lights down low to hide their horrible color scheme.

In my eyes, the greatest hockey play by play man the sport has ever known. Ted Darling was the "Voice of the Sabres" from their first game in 1970 until 1991. His unique style was easy to listen to, never over the top like many announcers today, he called the game so that the person listening on the radio had a clear picture in their mind of exactly what was going on on the ice. So many nights I would listen in bed and then fall asleep to the postgame show (The 4th Period). Thank you Ted.

Born - 1939

Died - 2009

The final game at the Aud happened on April 14, 1996 against the hated Hartford Whalers. The Sabres would close out the building with a 4-1 win. Mike Peca scored the last goal in the buildings history.

Did you know? The Sabres winning goalie that day was Andre Trefilov who was filling in for an injured Dominik Hasek.

I am local to the Buffalo area. If you have something that you think I would want for inclusion to the museum please send me an e-mail. I gladly accept memorabilia donations :) At this time I am only acquiring vintage items (pre 1989) but I would be glad to answer any questions about any item you have. I specialize in items from the early 1900's (Bisons Baseball) to 1989 (Sabres, Bills) and everything in between (Braves Basketball, Bisons and Norsemen Hockey, Stallions Soccer etc.).

The best thing about the Braves was you could go down to a game and buy 4 oranges at the box office and watch Hall of Famers like Jabbar, Lanier, Maravich and Murphy AND park for under $20...TOTAL. Then at halftime move down to the golds or reds! You could never do that at a Sabres game.

The Aud on a Braves Game Night. Great view from these seats in the lower blues! I remember playing at halftime for St. John the Baptist in Kenmore. I think we played Blessed was that a thrill. I remember Bob McAdoo patting my head as we took the court.

"The Foul" - McAdoo fouls Jo Jo White in Game 6 of the 1974 Playoffs. Is this the first in a long string of disappointments for Buffalo fans? It was the "Wide Right","No Goal" and "Harmon Drop" of its day. One of the biggest screw jobs in sports history. Players from that Braves team still say that series isn't over yet and who can blame them? Bob Bukaty's famous Courier Express photo prooves there was still time left on the clock.

NBA historians say this was the best Braves franchise team and probably would have won the NBA Championship that year if they had not run into the Celtics.

One of the most underrated players in NBA history, Randy Smith was a star at Buffalo State before being drafted by the Braves in 1971. He would hold the consecutive games record for decades before AC Green broke it.

Imagine if the Braves could have drafted Buffalo Bob Lanier in 1970 instead of John Hummer. Lanier was already off the board but Niagara's Calvin Murphy was there for the taking (check out the 'dew on Fast Freddy Hilton!).

One of the yearly highlights was when the Globetrotters came to town. It was double header night at the Aud - Curly and Meadowlark in game 1 against that lousy Washington Generals team. After that the Braves played the nightcap.




What kid of the era didn't become a member of the "Junior Braves"?

Did you know? The record attendance for an Aud event was for a Braves game. It occurred on January 31, 1976 vs the hated Celtics. 19,226 showed up to support the Braves against their biggest rival only to see the good guys fall 109-100.


Preserving Buffalo's Great Sports Past

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