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Another fun area of collecting is media guides and team schedules. Schedule collecting in particular has become a very popular activity as for one reason it takes up very little space. A very nice schedule collection takes up no more space than a nice medium size box. Another benefit of schedule collecting is it is a relatively inexpensive hobby. While most team schedules cost only a few dollars at most, some examples (particularly first year ones) may run up into the hundreds of dollars apiece depending on condition. Media guides are also a fairly inexpensive hobby with the first year examples being the most expensive in general. Below are some examples of vintage Buffalo team guides and schedules.

Buffalo Bills guides 1960-1969

Buffalo Bills Guides 1970-1979

Sabres Guides 1970-1980

Braves guides 1970-1978

Bisons guides 1932-1969

Stallions guides 1979-1984

Even rarer than regular Media Guides are Pre-Season Training Camp guides. These were made in very small quantities as they were not meant for the general public. Only the local and visiting media were given these guides and thus now quite rare. When you do find them they are often filled with writing and notations made by the reporter and often are heavily creased from days of handling at the Camp.

Sabres pocket schedules 1970-1980  



Bisons pocket schedules 1950's-1960's


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