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I have always been drawn to collecting pennants (sometimes referred to as flags). I remember getting my first pennant at a late 1960's Bills game at the Rockpile. Every game I went to I would get another team pennant as a momento of who we played that day. Back then you would buy your pennants attached to long wooden sticks that allowed you to hold the pennant high above your head so you could wave it during the game. Of course when you got home the stick would be removed and then you would thumbtack the flag onto your wall. I still remember figuring out what would be the most creative way to display them. The simple isoscles triangle design of the pennant would create a perfect circle once you had the entire set (it ended up looking like a pinwheel). You would have to figure out what color pennants would look the coolest next to each other (you could never put two pennants of the same color next to each other!). Anyways, what we didn't know at the time was we were helping in devaluing the piece of memorabilia by using thumbtacks (along with the fading that would always occur along with the cobwebs). Of course that is now why some vintage pennants in near mint condition get upwards of a few hundred dollars apiece! 

Here are a few different styles of Buffalo Sports pennants.

Rare AFL Bills Pennant Variations

In 1975 when this pennant was made to promote the new Buffalo Fan Magazine, Buffalo was indeed "Sportstown, USA" - All three major sports teams were among the best in the country.


First Sabres Pennant - Paul Wieland told me the company that made these reversed the colors on the logo. It was too late to correct it so off they went to the Aud souvenir stands!

The Glitter Pennant - These are now almost impossible to find, they were only available for a very short while (The Braves had one also).

Team picture pennants were very popular back  in the day. This is the most commonly found Sabre one (and playoff pennant too).

The Norsemen only had this one style pennant as they only lasted one season.

These '72-'73 NHL mini pennants came attached on a cloth string for easy hanging. All the major sports had this style available. Most people cut them off the string however making a full uncut set quite hard to find these days. 


Preserving Buffalo's Great Sports Past

1971-72 Braves Pennant - These replaced the headdress style from the first season.

A mid 1970's example of the Braves pennant. One thing the Braves had were lots of different styles of pennants. Great color schemes with a sharp look. They are always popular sellers on auction sites such as eBay.

1976 Playoff Pennant - As with the 1974 playoff pennant this style was reportedly only sold at the Boston Garden. These used to be very difficult to locate but a recent warehouse find of a few hundred mint examples brought the value tumbling down. You can always find one on eBay. The old economics theory of supply and demand had a big impact on the value of this particular pennant. In comparison, the 1974 one is never seen anymore and has doubled in value in recent years.

The Pinwheel Display that was popular in kids rooms all over America at one time. This is an AFL set of 10 teams.

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